Born into a lineage steeped in the age-old traditions of blacksmiths and woodworkers, I learned early that true quality is a product of time and a commitment to craftsmanship.

The 'A Year In Creation' journey embodies this commitment, where patience is rewarded not just with a kitchen knife, but with a story, a legacy, a piece of our unyielding passion.

The Journey

Reserving a place in our annual knife collection marks the start of up to a year-long artisanal journey. Our patrons receive seasonal updates directly from our forge, along with special edition keepsakes that capture the essence of our craft. This meticulous process reaches its culmination with the release of our annual collection in early December.


Gifting a reservation with us provides an unparalleled experience. The recipient becomes part of an exclusive journey, receiving regular updates and special keepsakes as their handcrafted knife takes shape throughout the year. This thoughtful gesture turns the entire process into a year-long celebration, culminating in the unforgettable moment when they receive their bespoke knife in time for Christmas.

Reserve Your Knife

Rooted in the storied craftsmanship of Northern England's industrial heartland, Raw Knives stands as a testament to the artistry of metal and fire. Established in 2015 Nicholas and his son Tom ignited a modern alchemy with ancient roots. Each blade, with its hand-forged integral bolster, is among the rare few in the world, a harmonious blend of strength and beauty, honed by the hands of woodworkers and blacksmiths that trace back generations. Nestled amidst the rolling green expanses that were once the pulsing veins of the Industrial Revolution, Raw Knives continues to breathe life into steel, creating not just knives but heirlooms that slice through the essence of time and tradition.